Sofie Coomans

Equine & human physiotherapist

Saddle fitter - rider - trainer

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As you could read on the introduction page, I have had 9 years of education, and I have also learned a lot from all my experiences as a rider and trainer, so that makes me look at a horse from many different perspectives.


This is probably why I have been able to help horses that no-one else could help before.


I could fill this page completely with treatment methods and stories, but I don't think there is any need to do that. There is no 'standard'-treatment because there are no 'standard'-horses. Every horse is an individual and every back problem, every lameness, every injury is different. 

I always start with a complete examination of the horse, look at the horse in motion; his legs, feet and alignement; check the saddle, look at the way a horse is using his muscles, which muscles should be more or less developed and where the horse may be in pain. Are there any signs of internal problems then they will be noticed and the owner/rider needs to be present to complete the examination with his story behind the horse's problem.


From there I will try to seperate primary problem from (possible) secondary problems, and choose adequate treatment methods, rehabilitation and follup-up.


If you are having any kind of problem with your horse, please contact me, even if you are unsure about what is causing it.