Sofie Coomans

Equine & human physiotherapist

Saddle fitter - rider - trainer

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Many people are having pain because they are not using their body like they should.



I explain this a little further.

Everyone, not only riders, should use their muscles and joints in a correct way, correct use according to their anatomy.


If your lower back is too 'hollow' for example, you put too much stress on the vertebrates and soft structures and you will get low back pain. As a logical result. In all cases, your body has to compensate this balance alternation by using also higher back regions and even hip, knee and ankle joint in a different angle.

This is just a small example, how a person could end up with poor knee-stability or even pain, resulting from incorrect use, starting from a lower back problem.


Just as with horses, my goal is to go back to the problem that originally started the issues you may have, and by treatment and training, slowly return your whole body to it's correct posture.


No symptomatic treatments, only long-term solutions, focused on the primary problem.






I have developed a measuring protocol "SMART RIDER MEASUREMENT" to see which features a saddle should have to match with your body's measurements.

Only when you can sit "naturally comfortable" in a saddle, you can give the correct aids to the horse and improve results.



Not just for dressage riders, also for jumping riders this is very important, because an imbalanced rider can get a horse out of balance as well.



The saddle also needs to accurately fit your horse, and not just the tree size, the saddle needs to give optimal mobility to the horse, and should absolutely not disturb good biomechanical use of the back and hind legs.



For their optimal anatomical and biomechanical position on the horse, and flexible spring-tree, I have chosen to sell new and used Stübben saddles.


They have a very wide range of new, modern, top-quality saddles for jumping and dressage that I prefer to see on any horse, because I personally think they are the best on the market for your horse's back.